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Imagine world without internet. No wifi. No smartphones. Imagine dark midnight city downtown with rare windows lit. In one of those windows sitting me :)

I started programming at early 1990s. MS DOS 3.30. Config.sys and Autoexec.Bat. Turbo Pascal from Borland, no OOP yet. Quick Basic from Microsoft. IBM OS/2. MS Windows 3.0. Non-relational Btrieve database for Novell Netware 3.11 LAN server — that was my world that I was merely fascinated of. It was no problem for young single me to stay overnight at my work in city bank just to program something — some sorting/searching algorithms for 640 kb RAM, some parrot-looking user interfaces for 80x25 text mode screen etc. I was IT guy who does everything — connects new workstations to local network using ethernet BNC connectors and terminators, rechagres laser printers with toner, replaces glass protect screens on CRT monitors and — what enjoyed me the most — writes banking software to calculate interests on credits and deposits.

I think I can measure most of my life milestones with IT. I finished school programming PDP-11 with Fortran. I've got my first job with Turbo Pascal. When I switched to PHP/Joomla, I started practicing yoga and meditation. With discovering of server javascript/nodejs I met lady who became my wife. Having switched to C#/dotnet I had got my first child. With starting cloud programming I've bought new big car. And life goes on — it's counting..

My current specialization is developing backend for enterprise-level cloud solutions with c# language. Someone wise said: "To be successful, you have to know one level up and one level down, one step left and one step right from the point where your work is focused". Following this paradigm for many years, I have been learning OOP design patterns and DDD as well as CPU SIMD instructions and memory cache lines to develop applications which are performant and maintainable on both high and low levels; I know html/js/css and worked with bicep/arm templates establishing devops pipeline connected to the git source repo, so I clearly understand the whole development cycle of web application; I have understanding of high-level cloud orchestration with Azure durable functions and containers as well as low-level memory management and garbage collecting in dotnet application; I developed transaction-based distributed processes and multi-threaded calculations; after all, I know what is monad and what is bloom-filter :)

I enjoy learning. I enjoy developing. I enjoy implementing. I enjoy seeing results.

And I love my family.

My family
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